What your Funeral Should Be......
A funeral should be a direct reflection of the person and the family. You can never say too much about the one who we gather to remember and honor. We will help you decide the type of service based on the type of person we will honor. Here are some of the things that will be considered when planning the service:

Clergy, close friends and family members or anyone who you chose...

Organ music, piano music, other instruments and recorded music can be used and combined. Selections are a very personal choice. The number of songs is not limited. You can play a favorite song or artist as the family and friends leave after the service.

Families are encouraged to bring pictures for display at the funeral. The gathering and choosing of these pictures is a great time to remember your loved one.

Personal Items
Some people like to share a special hobby or interest of the loved one by bringing a personal item to the service. Restored cars, fishing boats, wood work, quilts, paintings and so many other items have been shared at funeral services. Each item has great meaning to family and friends and can be a valuable part of the memories one has of their loved one.

During funeral services we've hosted, we have heard many funny stories told by family and friends. Relating the humorous stories of one's life is also a way of celebrating that life.

There is a growing trend toward having a reception after the service. These receptions are often held at a church or a family members home. This provides a wonderful time for the friends to tell the family how much the person means to them and provides one more opportunity for establishing and sharing the significance of the person who has died.

The clothing worn should reflect the loved one. A favorite outfit or suit is often chosen. However, we see overalls, jeans, dresses, etc. If a man never wore a suit or owned one, would he want to be buried in one?

The family will need to gather the dates and information for an obituary. Some newspapers limit the information that they will print. Ask your funeral director about the local customs.

Caskets and Urns
There are a wide variety of options available in caskets and urns. Colors, Interior materials, shapes, etc. can all express the loved one's personality.

Final Rest
There are many options to choose from. Cemeteries offer burial spaces, mausoleums, niches and more. If your loved one is cremated, you have even more choices; burial, scattering, or putting them in your home in an attractive urn. Many urns are very personal, some have matching candlesticks and picture frames.

It is a great honor to be chosen as a pallbearer. Your family must chose at least six people to fulfill this task. Often family members are used. If you have more friends and family than needed, it is wise to name the rest as honorary pallbearers.

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