Planning Ahead: Pre-Planning & Pre-Funding
Here are just a few important questions to ask yourself:

If I were to die tomorrow:
  1. Who would be responsible to arrange my funeral?
    1. my spouse
    2. my son or daughter
    3. a good friend or neighbour
    4. my parents
    5. office of the public guardian & trustee
    6. not sure

  2. If I were to die tomorrow, where would the money come from?
    1. my life insurance
    2. my savings
    3. my children's savings
    4. my parent's savings
    5. a bank loan taken out by my spouse or children
    6. not sure

  3. How much would my funeral expenses be?
    1. no idea
    2. under $1,500
    3. between $1,501 and $3,500
    4. between $3,501 and $5,000
    5. between $5,001 and $7,500
    6. over $7,500

  4. Where would I like my final resting-place to be and what type of funeral service would I prefer?
    1. earth burial, entombment or cremation
    2. copper, bronze, hardwood or steel casket
    3. cremation with a memorial service
    4. visitation for relatives and friends
    5. who would preside over the service
    6. would their be special music or poetry
    7. I never really thought of it

These few questions are an example of the many decisions that must be made when planning a funeral and in a number of cases these question must be responded to by your loved one's over a short and very difficult period of time. We encourage you to contact our funeral home and speak to our Pre-Need professionals about the benefits of Pre- Planning your or a loved ones funeral arrangements.