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Davidson Funeral Home

Davidson Funeral Home sits on the corner of Union and Monroe Streets in Delphi. Denise and Terry Davidson became sole owners of the funeral home in 1999 after two years of being partners with Denis and Bonnie Horn. Davidson Funeral Home began in 1860 as Blythe & Sons Funeral Home. In 1943 it was bought by Jesse Patrick and became known as Patrick Funeral Home. Dick Eikenberry owned the business for a few years following the Patricks. In 1963, Dick and Sue Ann Cornell bought the funeral home and it became Cornell Funeral Home until James Sullivan and James Lloyd bought the business in 1968. In 1971, James Lloyd took full ownership and he owned the funeral home until 1976 when Larry and Linda Thompson bought the business. In 1985 the Thompsons moved back to their hometown and sold the funeral home to Denis and Bonnie Horn. At this time, the Horns renovated the funeral home to better serve the public and to make all areas of the funeral home easily accessible to wheelchairs. Also added was a large canopied entryway accessible to vehicles for convenient drop off or pick up during inclement weather.

The funeral home is two stories with living quarters on the second floor. The main chapel was enlarged and double doors were placed for easy accessibility. The chapels can be separated into 3 smaller chapels should they be needed. The funeral home is rich in history from the crystal chandeliers to the stained glass windows; one of which Senator Landis brought back to Delphi from Washington DC. The mellow round top window is said to have been rescued from the chapel of the battleship, USS Maine, which sank in 1898 triggering the Spanish-American War. The side family chapel is home to a massive oak antique desk that was used for bookkeeping. As you enter the funeral home through the main hall, you may register at a large antique oak-drafting table, which is used as the register stand. Of added interest are two antique funeral invitations from the 1870's.

In 2002, the Davidsons brought more technology to the funeral home. They added the use of Video CDs to personalize the services for the families. The Davidson also added a large arrangement-conference room complete with a screen to view caskets from their casket room in many different colors and styles. This multi-purpose room can be used as a family lounge with a children's area during viewing hours. Also included is a library of helpful books for adults and children. The coffee lounge is equipped with a refrigerator; microwave, sink, soda machine, and water cooler to better serve the families during calling hours. Both lounges include large oak tables and chairs where families can congregate and partake of refreshments brought in by friends and family. On the east side of the funeral home there is a parking lot for convenient off-street parking. The funeral home is located only two blocks from busy State Highway 25 at 121 North Union.